Peter Dunlop – Managing Director

With an extensive and successful track record spanning over 30 years Peter has been involved in innovating many elements, which are today considered as main stream in the packaging matrix of the Australian Wine Industry. These include:

  • highly decorative premium tin/lead capsules to reinforce the development of top end wines in the 80’s,
  • the segmentation for premium wines through the introduction of antique coloured glass initially through importation from France and then through local production,
  • assisting the then emerging premium sparkling wine sector enabling it to be presented the equal of any that existed in the wine world, through the mix of highly decorated tin/lead or complex capsules and speciality shaped bottles,
  • probably the most recognisable today, the highly successful reintroduction of the Stelvin BVS closure with the Clare Valley winemakers for the 2000 vintage and the development of the world’s first premium wine bottle specifically developed for this closure. From this humble beginning this innovation changed the way a significant proportion of the Australian and New Zealand wines industry seal their wines

As well he has been instrumental, in conjunction with the Demptos Research Centre, in the education of the science of the oak wine barrel and understanding its interaction with the wine.

During this period he has gained enormous experience and an understanding of working with international suppliers to meet the requirements of the Australian Wine Industry. His objective in establishing Cpak is to bring all this experience to help develop ultra premium packaging products sourced from China for the Australian industry.

Outside work, Peter’s interests are in his family Elizabeth and their two adult children Emma & Matthew, politics, all sport and looking after his small farm & vineyard in the Hunter.


Mobile: +61 (0)418 467 263

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Kevin Griffith

Began my involvement in the supply side of the wine industry in the early 90’s with Harvest Products. With their extensive portfolio of products including Smorgon Glass, Imported Glass from France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal as well as wine barrels, capsules, cork, chemicals, wine making equipment and ingredients, it was a great introduction and steep learning curve into the wine industry.

Having worked for a number of supply companies in Australia, I have also spent 18 months in New Zealand, always being involved in the supply of imported glass to the wine, spirit, food and brewing industries. Having built some strong relationships with overseas suppliers in this time, Cpak are now able to offer imported glass from The SGV group of companies, enabling us to meet our customers every need for their packaging requirements.

Having been involved in a number of product development projects over the years including Glass Mountain, Tempus Two, The Berry Farm and numerous others, the experience I have gained enables me to assist our customers to develop innovative packaging that enables their products to “stand out from the crowd”.

Outside work my interests are family, wife Janelle, children Rachel and Tom, granddaughter Sienna 2 (and another grandchild due in 4 weeks’ time). Rugby league, cricket and golf tragic but enjoy most sports, growing vegetables and enjoying fine wines.


Mobile: +61 (0)404 933 143

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Kearon Custance – Business Manager

I’m 12 years into my contribution to the wine industry, and some days it still feels like I’m the apprentice. Nothing wrong with that, as you learn something new everyday.

I joined Peter and the Cpak team 5 years ago, knowing that this role was going to be one of the most challenging of my career thus far. My fervour for quality products, service and customer satisfaction has assisted our drive to take an embryonic concept of premium packaging sourced in the early years predominately from China to where we are today, a go-to supplier of quality products from around the world.

Before Cpak, I cut my teeth in the Wine Industry through wine packaging, labelling and wine bottle decoration. I’ve built long term relationships with friends, customers and service providers throughout Australia and really enjoy the role that I play within this Industry.

When away from Cpak I favour the outdoors. An avid bushwalker and adventurer, I’d rather be on the beach, in our National Parks or if all else fails – the pub listening to a band.

I’m a pretty decent cook and love time in the kitchen. I’m an animal nut and a bit of an artist; a typical Sagittarian – perhaps a little fiery too, some would say! (I would say passionate).


Mobile: +61 (0)419 641 348

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Karen Martin – Sales and Logistics Coordinator

I began my career in the wine industry 16 years ago, joining Peter Dunlop in the previous business Classic Packaging in 1998. In 2004, I took the opportunity to move from Sydney to Adelaide to join the Classic sales team working in the beautiful Barossa Valley.  This move led to further opportunities working in sales and logistics for Alcan Packaging, Amcor Closures and most recently Orora Closures as the National Sales Coordinator for Stelvin closures.  After spending 10 years in Adelaide, in October 2014, I had the opportunity to move back to Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and subsequently Peter offered me the chance to join the Cpak team as Sales and Logistics Coordinator.

After spending time in Adelaide I am a keen follower of AFL football and am partial to watching both one dayers and test cricket. My other interests include interior design and decor, fashion, health and wellbeing.  I love spending time with my partner, family and friends, being near the water and in the sunshine, enjoying great food and wine.

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Freya Hohnen

Born and bred in Margaret River, I grew up at Cape Mentelle Vineyards where my father was the winemaker. We often had French people in our house as the winery was purchased by Vueve Cliquot, and this led me to travel there extensively in the mid-90’s. I returned with an inevitable love of food and wine and thus headed to SA to study Winemaking in Adelaide.

After several years working in various winemaking roles and locations I returned home to help set-up a new family winery ‘McHenry Hohnen’. This involved everything from helping design a winery, design a label and make the wine. In 2007 I started a family and had to give up the long hours of vintage time. During this period I established the cellar door for my family’s winery ‘McHenry Hohnen’ and was involved in many aspects of design and working with designers. I also managed the Cellar Door at Stella Bella and developed a great understanding of presentation, customer needs and gift packaging for wine.

My great loves are my family, people in general, wholesome food, interesting wine, the beach and running!


Mobile: +61 (0)427 572 397

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Sheree Nathan – Logistics Manager

Sheree has worked with Peter for far too long, joining his previous business Classic Packaging in 1994. In this role she is responsible for the expedition of all of Cpak’s products. Sheree effectively manages supply and importation of bottles and cartons from China and ensures timely delivery throughout the country.

Sheree has a professional background, having held a Customs Broker’s Licence for more than 25 years. She is a member of the Customs Broker’s & Forwarders Council of Australia and this provides her with the expertise to resolve all importation issues.

Sheree is married with three grown up daughters. Sailing and relaxing on the water is one of her favourite pastimes.


Mobile: +61 (0)419 993 022

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Melina Jewell – Financial Controller

Melina is another refugee from Classic Packaging having joined Peter 10 years ago in that business. She had a 2 year sabbatical in Adelaide helping to establish the financial side of the then Pechiney owned Stelvin production facility. In Cpak, she looks after all of the financial aspects of the business.

Melina is married with one little Princess and enjoys family, softball and living on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.


Mobile: +61 (0)407 474 113

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Angela Zhao – Business Manager China

Based in Shanghai, Angela is responsible for the day to day communication with our suppliers.

In Peter’s words she is the face of modern China, well educated, multi lingual and commercially very savvy.

Involved from day one with Peter in the establishment of Cpak, Angela has been closely involved in the selection and development of our close relationship with those companies which we are investing in creating new products with. She is also the front line in ensuring our goals, philosophies and quality objectives are fully understood by our suppliers. Conversely she educates us in the workings of China. With Peter, Sheree, Melina and Kearon she has formed a close knit team that ensures we have very good communication from all elements of our supply chain.

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